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First of all Suikoden day 2014 is in full swing.
"Suikoden Day 2014

A day for Suikoden fans, made by Suikoden fans.

Join us as we celebrate another year of Suikoden goodness through competitions, discussions, games, and a whole lot more!

This year, we set sail towards Suikoden 4 (Our main theme for this year).

Join in, Stars of Destiny! This is our day!"…

(It's a closed FB group)

On a related note I was also informed:
:bulletblue: Right now, there's a competition to design the logo for Suikoden Day 2014 and it ends in May

Join the closed group if you're interested


On another note: recently a Suikoden roleplay game started on Dreamwidth called "Thousand Stars",
It's site if here:
If interested take a look!

In other news.... on my count there appears to still be TWO missing Secret Santa piece... OTL
I attempted to contact the artists back in January but I've been busy with 'life since then' so
I am not sure who's it is anymore (AND...never got a reply back from the artists in question)....but if you're one of the ones who are missing the pieces and you'd still like some compensation please note the group again and we'll try to conjure up a replacement.... (and beg for your forgiveness because this is so so so many months late) :icononionfailplz:

[Artist] ------------ [Request From]
tomocha ----> NarratorClaire
:bulletred: Maira-Sayuri-Iida ----> tomocha
Marle1010 ----> Maira-Sayuri-Iida
NarratorClaire ----> Marle1010
abyss-white ----> HanuWabbit
Shagami ----> NatsumeHirai
chiriku ----> Hikapi
Rin-Uzuki (1) ----> silverymoon
Rin-Uzuki (2) ----> AzuraLine
librachik (1) ----> Psycho-Firefly
librachik (2) ----> HikariShuyo
Psycho-Firefly ----> Kanlamari
Kanlamari ---->  Rin-Uzuki (1)
NatsumeHirai ----> tintoraneko
Hikapi ----> Gini-Gini
Landylachs ----> chiriku
silverymoon ----> librachik (1)
HikariShuyo ----> Shagami
:bulletred: AzuraLine ----> Landylachs
HanuWabbit ----> Rin-Uzuki (2)
tintoraneko ----> librachik (2)
Gini-Gini ----> abyss-white
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Around the Community

Here's some events we've heard are happening from around the fan-community.
If you would like to share an event, feel free to note the group and -if we think it's interesting enough- it might show up here!

What we list in here will change occasionally so be sure to check here once and a while if you're interested!

Suikoden Revival Movement (… or FB page:… )

Suikoden Day 2014:…


Gallery Folders

Club Challenge art
Halloween Project 2012
2012 Secret Santa
2013 Secret Santa


Official Suikoden site (JP)




Senso Suikoden













This are some rules to keep the peace and order withing the group. For a more detailed version please go here


:bulletorange: Just 1 submission per day
:bulletorange: Submit to the correct folder
:bulletorange: No copied/traced works
:bulletorange: Only works done by you
:bulletorange: Colored line arts must clearly have been granted permission to be colored from the original artist.
:bulletorange: Neat and visible art pieces please
:bulletorange: No official merchandise photos


:bulletorange: Photos should be clear
:bulletorange: Submit to the Cosplay folder


:bulletorange: Respect the admins and the other members


:bulletgreen:Rules: Full version"

Club Challenges Hall of Fame

~Here is the list of people who've completed the club challenges and the number they've completed~

:icon7thhiddensecret: :star:
:iconguardianangelkiko: :star: :star:
:iconsierramikainlatkje: :star:

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Namikazemaru Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
Thank you for accepting me. 
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Hmm... are you guys still active around here? xD
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You guys should add a folder for fan created characters. I would love to submit a few.
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smudboy Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
I'm building a "spiritual successor" game to Suikoden. I'm looking for everyone: programmers, musicians, and artists. So, I thought I'd come to deviantart's Suikoden page to see who's interested in taking part.

Even if you can't be part of the team, we're still in the planning stages. I have a questionnaire for fans of Suikoden to fill out, to know what you guys would like to see.

My email is:

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CarmenMCS Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The admins seem a bit too busy, especially the founder.... you want some help? I can become an admin if you need me, I'll be active again by December ^^
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